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What is the meaning of ACSR conductor? Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR), also known as Bare aluminium conductors, are one of the most widely used conductors for transmission. The conductor consists of one or more layers of aluminium wires stranded over the central core that can be single or multiple strands . There can be various stranding combinations of Al and steel wires lending flexibility obtain suitable current carrying capacity and mechanical strength for the application. ( This content is from TANO CABLE co ltd. website ) acsr cable acsr conductor acsr 95mm2 acsr 95/15 cable What is the construction of ACSR 1 . Outer layer conductor: Hard drawn aluminum wire 2 . Center: Galvanized steel wire General, the ACSR conductor is formed by following construction:

( This content is from TANO CABLE co ltd. website ) Why are ACSR Conductors preferred for transmission and distribution lines? Aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable (for short ACSR) is a type high capacity, high strength stranded conductor typically used in overhead power lines. The outer strands are high purity aluminum, chosen for its good conductivity, low weight, low cost, resistance to corrosion and decent mechanical stress resistance. The centre core is steel for additional strength to help support the weight of the conductor.( This content is from Wiki website ) ACSR Conductor types Why don't we use copper in transmission lines? At present, AI conductors have replaced these copper conductors due to reasons like not expensive as compared with copper, high diameter. There are different types of ACSR conductors as following. All Aluminium Conductor – AAC Aluminium Conductor Aluminium Reinforce – ACAR All Aluminium Alloy Conductors – AAAC Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced – ACSR All Aluminimum Conductor (AAC) Why ACSR Conductor is named after an animal? ACSR means all alluminum steel reinforced , it means it has a steel conductor inside for reinforcing just as animals has backbone , so names of the animals & birds names with backbone are used for ACSR. grosbeak acsr cable rabbit acsr cable dog acsr cable drake acsr cable weasel acsr cable penguin acsr cable All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) This AAAC conductor construction is similar to AAC excluding the alloy. The strength of this conductor is equivalent to the ACSR type however,because of the nonexistence of steel it is less weight. The existence of alloy formation will make this conductor expensive. AAAC is used for longer spans because of the stronger tensile strength as compared with AAC. This conductor has low sag when compared with AAC. AAAC conductors are less in weight, so applicable for transmission & sub-transmission wherever less weight support structure is necessary like swamps, mountains, etc. acsr conductor iec 61089 acsr conductor bs 50182 acsr conductor astm b232 acsr conductor din48204 acsr conductor gb/t 1179 Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) The high strength ACSR conductors are applicable for overhead earth wires, some overhead transmission and distribution lines. Some of the above related content also like to be able to help everyone to use ACSR conductor.