From Cyberlaw: Difficult Issues Winter 2010
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Missed the opportunity to be great!

A fun watch, but failed to meet the same heights as the first installment. Interesting crossovers, some nods to comics, but many missed opportunities.

Little real chance to slow down and feel something.

Some fight scenes were quite creative, but mixed in with pointless trading of fireballs.

Strange v strange was disappointing.. different, but why music? It could have been something clever, yet they chose music which has nothing to do with either Steven. It basically degenerated into more fireballs anyway.

There were some moments here with cinematography leaning toward horror, which was an interesting surprise - I really wished they'd taken those elements further.

Regular people react to danger with a shrug - a squid demon is destroying a building across the road during her wedding and she gives no more than a disapproving look - oh Steven, just another one of your escapades! Thrust into another universe with no way out? It's fine.

Scarlet witch goes crazy - it's just a bit too much of a stretch to believe, especially after Wandavision - where she comes to accept reality and have a chance at healing. I get that it could've happened, but without experiencing it I'm left without any sympathy.

It also fails to match the inception like visual spectacle of the first movie, as well as the mysterious element - there's no moment in this where you say, 'wow that was cool but what just happened?'.

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