This Year’s Hottest Style Trends

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This year has been an interesting year for fashion trends, and it is becoming clear that pretty much anything goes with outfits blending styles, colours and textures to create completely unique looks which flatter a range of body shapes and types. The general theme is that more is more, and this probably stems from the fact that throughout 2020 there were few opportunities for us to flex our creative muscles when it comes to curating a wardrobe of gorgeous looks. We spend more time at home than ever before in 2020, and as we start to get back into the groove of dressing ourselves up for all kinds of events, many people are looking for new and exciting ways to style their clothes.

Oversized jackets

Oversized jackets are a hot trend this year, and most come in a boyfriend fit and feature shoulder pads which add structure and boldness to a look. These 80s inspired jackets are flattering and very comfortable, and can be worn over the top of all kinds of outfits to give them a cohesive and edgy look. The contrast created between large shoulder pads and a defined waist adds a feminine shape to your look which is very flattering and easy to wear.

If you have found yourself drawn to oversize jackets this season, you should try pairing them with either skinny jeans or straight leg trousers for chilly weather, or with denim or leather look shorts when the temperature rises. In terms of colour, colour blocking is always popular and stylish, and you can find blazers which will go with anything in shades of grey, blue, black, and neutrals.


While it is technically not a new trend for this year, cashmere has seen a surge in popularity. Timeless and effortless, cashmere clothing is beautifully soft and highly versatile. You can find many different kinds of garments and accessories in cashmere and all of them can be used to create a unique, personalised look which is all about comfort and style. For example, you can pair a cashmere shawl or wrap with a white blouse and tapered trousers for a classic look, or try something more edgy like an oversized jumper. While cashmere can be expensive it is possible to find more affordable options in a cashmere jumper sale so always shop around online to grab yourself a piece of luxury at a great price.

Head wraps and scarves

Once very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, head scarves are enjoying another moment in the sun and they look simply gorgeous. Not only do head scarves protect your hair, they also add that sleek and stylish finishing touch to any outfit and are a very classy addition to your look. Whether you choose something sleek and neutral or a soft, feminine, floral head scarf in silk there are many ways a head wrap or scarf can be styled to suit your aesthetic. You can try wrapping the fabric over your head and knotting it beneath your chin loosely, or leave it freely flowing to drape around your neck and shoulders. However you wear your head scarf, you are sure to feel like a million dollars!


The word fringe might cast fear into the hearts of some fashionistas, but there can be no doubt that fringe is back in a big way. There are many ways to incorporate fringe into your outfit, and it always gives a look lots of soft movement and textural interest. Fringed handbags are an easy way to play with fringed styles, especially if you are not sure of how to style fringed garments so they look on point. For the more daring fringe lovers, fringed jackets are always a winner and they come in a huge range of colours and styles to suit your look. A fringed leather jacket in black or dark brown goes with pretty much anything, from a pair of denim jeans and chunky biker boots to a soft, floaty summer dress with strappy sandals.

Colour pop accessories

While the main colour trends this season are more on the neutral side, you can add interest and personality to your looks by choosing accessories in a statement colour to create a refined and easy to wear look.