Complete Guide on How to Use a PS4 Camera on PC

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Are you hunting forward to streaming the newest PS4 video games on Twitch or discover other worlds in virtual reality? Do you wish to command your console to recognize your face or go to get a voice chat with your pals? Then, you will require a PS4 compatible webcam or camera.

And now you're perhaps questioning how you can use PS4 Camera on Pc!

Fret not! I'm right here as normally to help you out! Let’s check out each of the detailed details about the setting and usage procedure around the Pc.

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What is PlayStation Camera?

The PlayStation Camera or PS4 Camera is developed by Sony Laptop Entertainment, and it is a motion sensor and camera accessory for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation five. It can be was released on 15 November 2013, and it is actually the successor for the PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation three. It can be utilised to track the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset.

It has two 1280×800 pixel cameras (720p resolution) with lenses obtaining an f f/2.0, a 30 cm focusing distance, and an 85° field of view. With the dual-camera setup, the camera can operate at diverse modes, depending on the target application.

The camera comes with a four-channel microphone array that lessens background noise and may well even receive voice commands. It records video in RAW and YUV formats and connects for the console through its specified port.

Some Accessories you could possibly Need to have for the Setup:

Verify out the following items to boost the experience:

1. Collective Minds PSVR Showcase Speedy AC PS4 VR Charge & Display Stand

2. Privacy Shield for Playstation four Camera v2.0

3. 4Gamers Officially Licensed Clip Camera Mount Playstation four PS4

4. PlayStation 4 VR Move Controller & Camera Bundle

Step by Step Process for Using PS4 Camera on Pc:

Once you have plugged your PS4 camera towards the console using an AUX port, you have to then place the camera at your preferred surface (obviously leveled). Set the camera in front of your face. Adjust it by twisting the camera body. However, look below to learn all of the systematic installation of the PS4 cameras on your Computer.

Right here we go with step by step windows setting details of PS4 Camera on PC-


1. Find the USB 3.0 Portion of your Pc. Connect your PS4 camera on that USB portion using the enable of a USB Adapter.

2. Then go for the Device Manager. Click USB Boot under Other Device portion of the Device Manager.


1. Open a new folder at your preferable location. Rename the folder. Please rename the new folder relating to your PS4 camera.

2. You can open the new folder on your desktop, renaming it like PS4 Camera Driver.


1. Now download all Installation Files.

2. You can download libusbK if you wish your own package.

3. If you don’t want your package, start downloading the next file name, OrbisEyeCam USB_Boot Driver.

4. If somehow, if you find ucrtbased.dll (Universal Visual C++ Runtime, CRT), don’t worry. Consider it as a Visual Studio Part only.

5. If your windows have an X64bits operating system, you have to download the X64 bit version. And if you have 34bits OS, select the X 86 versions.


1. In this step, you can Install Driver by libusbK.

2. Or, you can install the Driver OrbisEyeCam Driver.

Step-Five: 1. Load Firmware.

two. Run OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe (This file is located at OrbisEyeCam-master\bin folder)

three. Test by running the PS4Camera on your Windows 10 Camera App or any other apps like this.

4. If your camera run okay, that means your set is successful. However, if not, you have to ask professional enable.

The Setting of Ps4 Camera for Broadcasting: If you already have installed your camera on your Pc OS, now you can go for Broadcasting on any Streaming Platform (like Twitch). During your playtime, click the share button from the controller menu. Select Broadcast Gameplay. Decide how you wish to take the streaming service. Twitch or YouTube is preferable in that case.

However, you can open a new ID to log in there, or you can log in to an existing account. Select the X menu. Select ‘Include Video from PlayStation Camera”. This menu is placed under the Broadcast option of the screen. Select Include Audio in Broadcast, if you have any intention to go for any voice chat together with your friends while you might be playing multiplayer mode.

How you can Open a PS4 Camera in Windows 10: 1. Press the Start Button

2. There will be a lot of apps. Select the camera among those lists. However, the opening of the camera with other apps needs to select the start button at first. Then Setting > Privacy > Camera. Finally, open the “Let Apps Use My Camera.” This way, you can select your preferable apps within where you'd like to use your camera.

The way to Stream PS4 Using Computer Webcam and Professional Mics?

You can use the ps4 camera as a webcam and vice versa. Let dive into the steps for the latter -

You'll have to have two softwares - one is PS4 remote play and another one is Xsplit Broadcaster.

First, you have to sign-in, register, and enable Remote Play. You then see the PS4 screen on your laptop or computer.

Then, you have to launch Xsplit Broadcaster. After opening an account in it, you will see a black screen. After selecting the broadcast platform and adding the remote play screen, the

PS4 will appear on the software screen.

To add the webcam to your streaming, you simply require to select add camera now. And if you feel about going live, you can again choose the broadcast platform.