5 Eco-Friendly Sportswear Brands

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Eco-friendly sportswear has become increasingly popular in recent years. There is a real movement growing for people to be aware of the materials they are purchasing and the impact they will have on our environment. Some people opt for organic cotton tee shirts, while others choose organic tights or leggings. This article will look at eco-friendly activewear, in particular discussing the advantages of ethically manufactured sportswear.

Activewear has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Whilst the initial investment for eco-friendly sportswear can be high relative to the prices of fast fashion, the long-term costs to the planet are small when compared with the total cost of doing business conventionally. Some brands such as Reebok have been pioneering eco-inspired apparel in recent years, creating some exciting new designs. Below we will look at some of the activewear brands and what they have to offer.

First up we have Reebok. One of the more well known brands and a hugely popular brand in the UK, Reebok are very famous for their high quality athletic wear. Their range of eco-friendly sportswear is truly excellent, often using only renewable and biodegradable fabrics. One of their most popular garments is their sports leggings which are made for men and women who love to run, cycle, take part in yoga, or do other reasonably intense kinds of exercise. These leggings are made using specially designed sports fabrics, which makes them highly breathable and comfortable whilst also providing good style.

The other eco-friendly sportswear brand to consider is Adidas. As one of the world's biggest sports brands, Adidas produces a wide range of performance and sports bras and other apparel. Adidas also uses fabric from sustainable farms around the world, and many of their running shoes are also made using eco friendly and sustainable materials, such as recycled plastics.

Next on the list is Patagonia, another brand that offers a truly eco-friendly, sustainable sportswear UK. Like Reebok, Patagonia uses sustainable fabrics, including organic cotton. Patagonia's range of performance and sports clothing is especially good value for money, being designed to maximise breathability and longevity of each garment. Some of their styles also have an extra layer of eco friendliness as they are made completely from recycled, fair trade materials, which creates better working environments for clothing manufacturers as well as being kinder to the environment.

One last brand worth mentioning is Organic Basics. Although the company is based primarily in America, it does have stores in several European countries, as well as an office in Denmark. There is a wide selection of eco-friendly gym wear options available, from hemp leggings to organic cotton leggings, and a great collection of yoga clothes, including shorts, vests, and leggings. Their entire range of clothing is made from eco friendly, sustainable, recycled and low impact materials, so you can be sure they will be made with ethical standards.

Finally, if you're looking for eco-friendly sportswear, look no further than Tala. Although the majority of their fabrics are not biodegradable, they do offer a range of ethical, sustainable clothing which is made from up to 92% upcycled materials. At the same time, if you want to buy something more specialised, such as a T-shirt or a hoodie, they have a number of beautiful designs that are made from sustainable activewear materials. Among other things, the company makes sports and outdoor wear for men, women, and children, as well as accessories.

As you can see, it doesn't take too much to be green as a lover of exercise. There are plenty of eco-friendly sportswear brands available, from major brands to small labels. If you're committed to conserving our resources, then it's important to make your purchases at stores that use recycled fabrics and have sustainable business practices which focus on limiting environmental impact. You can also get your favourite eco friendly outfits at some of the smaller brands, since they tend to be more locally-based and aware of eco-friendliness. The key things to look out for when choosing sustainable athletic clothing is to check that it is made from safe, sustainable, recycled materials and that the processes used to make the clothing are not harmful or toxic to the environment.