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Beneficial tips to apply for a copyright

From time to time, government lays forward many beneficial services for the convenience of the citizens. One such service is copyright registration that can be done in Patent Office UK. It is a service that gives global recognition to the people who invent something scientific or creative. Several laws are passed to witness that the product is safe and not being used illegally.

You can have legal copyright over something that you have invented and is unique. Living in UK, make sure to patent the product within one year after you have disclosed it to someone. After one year you loose the right.

Once you enter the office for application, the officials ask you for what you have come for. Then they listen to your ultimate plans and goals. Your options and opinions are also discussed. Based on that, several plans are suggested to you that can be followed up for filing an application.

Before finalizing the application, it is checked whether the product has been invented or described before or not. If found so, it might not be applicable for application registration.

The patent officials work with you before and after filing the application. You should always stay in touch with them in order to discuss about the various possible variations and definitions of your invention. It will enlarge the field of your ownership.

Once the application is ready, you will have to sign some papers verifying that the contents are true to your knowledge. Off course the patent office chares some fees for providing services.

After the application process, there comes a phase when you have to wait for quite long. It can consume 2 to 4 years to receive the first response letter. You can make any alterations in the content if needed.

Once the patent is approved, you need to pay an issue fee. Regular maintenance fee is needed to be paid in order to keep the patent alive. You would be glad to know that the copyright remains live for a life time.

It is also valid even after 70 years of the demise of the owner. As you can see that it is a quite hectic task, you should hire other officials that can assist you in acquiring your rights.

Several private [[1]] companies are available over the internet. So just take up the services of any one of them to enjoy the whole popularity of your invention.

Procedure Involved in Copyright Registration[edit]

Mere creation of a piece of work makes it yours. You have every right to retain its originality by getting it registered. To make the whole process easier, government authorities have began online copyright[2] registration. It not only saves time, but even costs less.

For your reference, we have discussed the complete procedure-

Before Registration

Step1: Filling application form Visit the website of “copyright office”; mention all the details accurately and submit it. If you fail to complete the form correctly, your application may be cancelled.

Step 2: Fee deposition Pay complete application fee post submission of form. Payment can be done via smart cards such as credit, debit or cheque.

Step 3: Preparing final copy of document The third and final step would be to create a copy of the work you want to register. Work produced should abide by the policies set by law. You can get a clear picture of rules and acts from their official site.

After Registration

Step 1: Work will be examined to establish that it adheres to all the policies.

Step 2: Registration number is assigned and a certificate is issued to you via mails in about 3-4 months after submission.

Step 3: A copyright logo image will be available to download.

You are advised to pay due attention to slightest of details so as to ensure the security of your work.