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Re: [dvd-discuss] TACD, Feb 4 workshop in Brussels, Copyright inthe Digital Age

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004, Seth Johnson wrote:
> 09.15 - 10.45 Part I: General overview  - what is copyright
> and what are the policy developments of interest to
> consumers?

I can't help but quote William McDonough here and say, "When did we become
consumers with lifestyles instead of people with lives?"

> Moderator: James Love, Consumer Project on Technology
> - Jule Sigall, US Copyright Office, Library of Congress
> - The role of industry - Bertrand Moullier, Director General, International
> Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF)
> - Nick Ashton-Hart, Executive Director, International Music Managers Forum
> (IMMF) - The rights of authors and performers
> - Ann E. Chaitovitz, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists -
> The rights of authors
> - Chris Murray, Consumers Union - The consumer perspective

Who is here to argue for the public interest?  I mean the public that
isn't just buying shit, of course.

> 15.15 - 16.45 Part IV: How, and by whom, will digital information be
> controlled?

Great evidence that whoever gets to pose the question controls the answer.
This presupposes that the information must be controlled.  "We can't very
well have information flowing freely...  It's only a question of how and
by whom."

This kind of shit makes me ill.  You get a bunch of probably very
reasonable people who might actually have real power to effect change in
the world, and then you botch it up by asking questions that can do
nothing but maintain the status quo.

Nobody here seems to be thinking.  Nobody's stepping back and looking at
this as an opportunity instead of a problem.

This is a fantastic opportunity.  This is a design assignment.  "Design a
system where the free spread of information and the development of new
ideas and expressions are maximized."

That could be so much fun.  That's exciting and that would actually make
the world a better place for all people for all time.

Honestly, anything else and you're working against that better world.

     Jeme A Brelin
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