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[dvd-discuss] Latest RIAA Tactic- Impersonating a Police Officer

According to the LA Weekly (9-15jan2004) the latest RIAA tactic is to hire ex-
policeman to put on black"raid" vests, official looking IDs and hit up street 
vendors, seizing suspected pirate material, telling vendors the next time it 
will be handcuffs, taking pictures and issuing pink slips

One nice quote:
"The process of confiscating bootleg CDs from Street Vendors is exactly what 
the RIAA should be doing" said Jason Shultz, a staff attorney for....EFF.

Well Jason...if you read this, you have either been misquoted or need to reread 
the Constitution - there is the due process clause and while nobody should 
condone copyright infringement, there is still that little issue that must be 

(The LA Weekly is one of the freebee rags in LA. In NYC you have to buy " The 
Voice"..in Cleveland "The Scene" was free"...so was the rag in Chicago when I 
lived there..but LA has a zillion of them...in Redondo Beach they publish the 
legal notices in a free paper which makes a weird sort of sense)