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RE: [dvd-discuss] DRM as censorware

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well, think about Echelon -- big brothers (and I am including industries as well!) are always watching, and listening, and viewing;  good old mails had been and still will be opened, emails read, transactions monitored, telephone conversations recorded, ...
the more people and organizations get paranoid (i.e., "I cannot trust anyone, looking at myself..."), the more drastic the measures, in the name of national security, of course.  Imprison everybody; they might do something bad perhaps, sometimes!  The world pictured in the fiction "Brazil" not that far way?
But I am still hopeful! 
Happy New Year,
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Re Project Hudson........

Big Brother will be watching all file transfers if they are not already....... We will not only be reverting to all cash transactions but the good old mail man to deliver our files from computer to computer when it is realised everything is monitored and modified........ One other thing is that some smart guys may be from Norway will find a way round all this.....