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[dvd-discuss] Diebold uses DMCA to suppress embarrassing memos

Here is a link to a Wired article on Diebold Election Systems's 
attempt to use the DMCA to suppress a large file of Diebold memos 
that call in to question the security of Diebold's voting machines 
and suggest possibly illegal conduct:


A group of students at Swarthmore College are mounting what they call 
an electronic civil disobedience campaign to get large numbers of 
sites to mirror the files. The campaign is headquartered at the 
why-war.com web site: http://why-war.com/features/2003/10/diebold.html

While the President of Swarthmore says he is proud of the students, 
he is complying fully with Diebold's demands. "... students were 
angered by the school's decision to take down sites that linked to 
sites posting the memos, in addition to actual sites that posted the 
memos. "

Another site that refused to remove links:


is being defended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation:


Arnold Reinhold