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Re: [dvd-discuss] DMCA Rulemaking issued - 4 exemptions

Since their comments on my proposed exemption were on pate 194 of 198, I have 
to concur with your statement on details. I thought I had provided many details 
and didn't believe they would understand if i launched into a little 
jargon.....They have to reduce things down to fit their tiny little brains and 
in the case of MaryBethPeters At UCLA I watched her put her hand to her eyes 
("see no evil"), over her mouth("speak no evil") and over her ears ("HEAR NO 
EVIL") so I am not surprised.

On 28 Oct 2003 at 14:39, Ken Arromdee wrote:

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> Well, that's worthless.  Let's see...
> -- They're still refusing to define a class of works in a reasonable way, which
> killed a huge number of reasonable exemptions. -- They *still* don't seem to
> understand how CSS-encrypted works are tied to UOP and region code restrictions,
> and in particular they don't seem to understand that the motion picture industry
> claims that using a modified DVD player is an unauthorized access (which means
> the user cannot, as the Librarian claims, modify the player to get around the
> restrictions). -- They're still saying that if the user has any way to access
> the work, they can't provide an exemption, so the fact that you can play an out
> of region DVD 5 times and then throw away the DVD player is enough reason to
> deny an exemption.
> And I'm just wondering what is necessary to provide "details".  Apparently, if I
> claim that access controls prevent the playing of unauthorized software on game
> machines, and give an example of the software and game machine (Xbox Linux--and
> yes, that was mine--I was one of the few individuals to send in a
> non-form-letter comment), that's not enough detail!  I also gave examples of
> foreign games with material that doesn't exist on domestic games; apparently
> that's not enough detail either.