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[dvd-discuss] RIAA Subpoena Process-Flaws

The thought occurred to me that if the RIAA is basing their subpoena process on 
the time stamped DNS IP addresses, there might be a problem with that....whose 

The RIAA has their time. The ISP has theirs. The user has theirs. In a DNS 
environment RIAA can say to the ISP give me the name of this user who had IP 
address WWWW.XXXX.YYYY.ZZZZ at time 123456.67543 (THEIR clock) the ISP gives it 
at THEIR clock. IF the RIAA got the time from the user that's the USER'S CLOCK. 
They can be off quite a bit of established time....but wait their's more.

If RIAA get's the IP address just before an IP address is given up and that is 
reallocated immediately then if RIAAs and the ISP's clocks do not agree then 
will get the wrong name for the user.

So the issue becomes how does RIAA get their subpoena info? That might be worth