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RE: [dvd-discuss] 120 years and still not in the public domain

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> public domain
> Some libraries do have an interest in maintaining a national 
> standard. 
> If all the libraries subscribing to a interlibrary loan program know 
> that a particular book is filed under 323.156, book lending among 
> libraries is more efficient. But if Library A has been 
> subscribing to a 
> OCLC list, and library B is using another classification 
> service, then 
> the book might just be filed under 401.342. Hence, the OCLC and its 
> subscribing institutions have some interest in ensuring that 
> the Dewey 
> Classification system does not become generic.

Even if I grant that there is an interest in maintaining
a _proprietary_ national standard (as opposed to an open
standard) I do not see how the use of the numbering scheme 
by a hotel for it's room numbers conflicts in any way with 
that end as applied to libraries' efforts to classify books.

-Richard M. Hartman

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