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[dvd-discuss] riaa, mpaa blacklisted from sites

The site protested that the RIAA took an interview with Fred Von Lohmann
out of context and linked to their site, Techfocus. Now, what is
interesting is the notice at the bottom of the page and what one person who
posted mentioned as the possibility of a DMCA violation.

from the site:
"Notice to RIAA & MPAA and affiliated contractors:  Pursuant to DMCA
statutes, you are forbidden from accessing or reproducing any content on
this site, due to a violation of our terms of service.  This is not a
matter for discussion.  You must exit this website now."

Because the site is copyrighted material, and the maintainer(s) are using a
technical measure (.htaccess) to prevent them from gaining unauthorized
access to the work, the act of circumventing this measure by using an IP
address outside the filtered range, is a violation of the DMCA.

At any rate, the concept of blocking the MPAA and RIAA is interesting, to
say the least, and it seems to be catching on...




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