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Re: [dvd-discuss] When you though things couldn't get anyweirder...

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 17:47, Seth Johnson wrote:
> Fortunately (not for me, because I forwarded that URL around), this is a
> hoax.  The two internal links are to pages on www.scoopthis.com, whose
> header reads, "Because if it's on the net, it must be true."
> I gotta learn.  Too outrageous, how could I have let myself be fooled?
> Auugh!
> Seth

Arrrgghhh! I got taken in myself. I didn't look at the
www.scoopthing.com front page. I just assumed it to be some subunit of
MTV.com. I briefly has some doubts, but I brushed tme aside. The story
from 411mania.com also through me off.

I just greatful that SlashDot rejected my submission. I shudder to think
of the grilling I would have received if it did appear on SlashDot.

Sorry for the noise.

Stephen L Johnson <sjohnson@monsters.org>