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Re: [dvd-discuss] When you though things couldn't get any weirder...

You know something....I'm getting conditioned that whenever I hear the words "intellectual property" I reach for my wallet.

Dan Steinberg <synthesis@videotron.ca>
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07/16/2003 12:09 PM
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Its not 'just' two chords.....its 'THOSE TWO".... :-P

Stephen L Johnson wrote:

>A friend of mine forwarded me this link:
>According to MTV.com, Metallica are suing independant Canadian rockers
>Unfaith over what they call "unsanctioned usage of two chords
>[Metallica] have been using since 1982 : E and F."
>According to an MTV.com article link in the article, it's a trademark
>infringement case. Huh!?!? Since when does the PTO allow a trademark
>consisting of a sequence of two cords?

Dan Steinberg

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