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Re: [dvd-discuss] Gedanken Experiment -Unix and Norton

Richard Hartman wrote:
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> > Actually, it must be one set of algorithms that are data
> > driven (although I
> > assume that Norton etc update the DLLS as well when theyneed
> > a new algorithm.
> > Everything else is data driven)
> Once the signature is discovered and encoded, _applying_
> that encoding to check against a target file is algorithmic.
> However, the nature of the signature itself -- and especially
> the _discovery_ of that signature -- is an independant research
> effort each time.
> >
> > Once discovered becomes a fact.
> >
> In that light, "Gone With the Wind", once written, is a fact.

As such, it is.

But it is also original expression.  This is what exclusive rights means --
authors are granted exclusive rights on a hunk of expression that is
original, despite the fact that its elements are factual (and despite the
fact that its being as a whole is a fact).

Exclusive rights have nothing to do with the "research effort" expended in
the production of a work.  They have to do with whether the expression as
such is original.  But they don't have to do with the factual elements of
the work.

Seth Johnson


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