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[dvd-discuss] OT: GPL, etc.

He he, no I don't want to start or participate in any flame war, about
GPL, RMS, or anything else.  As a practical matter, GPL works well for
preventing things like "Microsoft Kerberos", and maybe it is restricting
for a good reason, but restricting is restricting.  If I have something
sitting on my desk, and I can do less with it (f.e. copyright it as mine,
whatever), then there is less freedom.  Personally, I think allowing
commercial versions of free software (Ala Netscape, StarOffice) can be a
good idea, so long as there is -some- protection against
incompatibility.  SISSL is a little more flexible than GPL in this regard.  

But as a technical matter, even BSD is more restrictive (and less
"Free") than public domain, because it places additional requirements
above and beyond public domain. 

  -- noah silva

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, D. C. Sessions wrote:

> On Tuesday 08 July 2003 17:08, John Zulauf wrote:
> # Quick, someone invoke "Nazis" and end this religious-war-thread.  If you
> # don't I might have to start quoting either RMS or Brett Glass --
> # whomever will annoy the most pro (or anti) GPL zealots.