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2RE: [dvd-discuss] W32.Klez.H infection on of our group member's PC

Microsoft recently bought the only company providing AntiVirus help for
Linux; they are working now for solutions on Windows platforms.  (Why don't
we have a law against buying a company to then make its products extinct?)

Of course, Viruses on Microsoft platforms are much more popular; but is does
not mean they won't exist for other operating systems, and viruses for
products like Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL, Adobe Acrobat, etc., etc. are
also gaining in popularity!  :-(

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On Wednesday 02 July 2003 17:20, juergen + barbara wrote:
# of course, there are also known viruses on UNIX machines.
# this was an attachment anyway; so no harm as long one does not attempt to
# open it...

Really?  It hasn't hit the news yet.
I know that there's a vulnerability in old versions of PDF
which are architecture-independent, but I hadn't heard
that there was actually a mass-mail exploit for it.

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