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RE: [dvd-discuss] W32.Klez.H infection on of our group member's PC

of course, there are also known viruses on UNIX machines.
this was an attachment anyway; so no harm as long one does not attempt to
open it...


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This is one reason I prefer not to use Windows on the machine on which I
e-mail.   Reading mail from a UNIX machine is much more secure.  Such a
practice also
seems to reduce the number of unwanted commercial solicitations, since
no executable
can run with system-wide permissions.


Glendon Gross

> juergen + barbara wrote:
> please do update and run AntiVirus scanners on a frequent basis!
> since this virus also fakes the sender of the infectious emails, I
> urge anybody to look into their email address book and see whether
> they have an entry shown below as "Sender".  Then, most likely, some
> serious AntiVirus update and scan appears to be in order!
> This Virus has been first reported over a year ago!
> (More info at http://symantec.com/AVcenter/.)
> thanks,
>      jm.
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