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RE: [dvd-discuss] Mobile phone cameras used for Digital shoplifting?

That is a little odd. Honestly, what is the "real" difference between
calling your friend to meet you at the mall or store to see the magazine
picture or taking a quick shot of it and sending it to someone to see what
he/she thinks of a certain outfit or hairstyle. 

Aren't a lot of these magazines just one large advertisement anyways...
So the product or style is advertised. The magazines are paid by
advertisers. The system is still working, isn't it? 

However, without sales, they probably will not be able to "gauge" how well
the system works, in the same way they have in the past. That might have an
impact on whether advertisers decide to continue with their ads.

The future of magazines (???):
Maybe someday a proprietary device that the user connects using wireless
and authentication to receive information secured through the magazine
intranet. This way they could receive the most up-to-date information. The
magazine could charge more and if people went for it, they could make money
on the hardware end too. But that too will eventually be cracked to put
pictures on cells, sites, etc...

what if, the "free" internet news was one day, intentionally delayed to
users, while the proprietary, paid information was up-to-the-minute. Ok,
enough of my vivid imaginative, speculating.

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- marcia wilbur

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Subject: [dvd-discuss] Mobile phone cameras used for "Digital shoplifting"?

It gets ever more absurd...

I just saw this article on BBC:


If it were about people snapping copies of entire magazines I could
understand, but individual photographs? That strikes my as quite ridiculous.


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