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Re: [dvd-discuss] Petition for rational copyright law

On Wednesday 04 June 2003 08:30, John Zulauf wrote:
# I would like to see a different fees for different classes of works. 
# The fee could be tied to the mandatory licensing terms -- if any. 
# Clearly the renewal fee for an individual photograph or poem shouldn't
# be the same as for a novel or feature-length film.  Somehow the renewal
# fee needs to be proportional to the nominal value for an example of a
# class of work.  Charging a photographer for 7 photographs the same
# amount as a studio for "Land Before Time" I-VII seems to violate
# fairness, and acts to support "major media" over individual artists.

Copyright is funny.  The copyright on "World Before Time"
applies not only to the movie as a whole, but to each frame
in it (and even to parts of each frame, such as images of the
characters.)  I would argue that the renewal fee apply to
each of the claimed copyrighted elements: if the rights holder
wants to _claim_ each individual frame, let them _pay_ for
each individual frame.

Otherwise, you're likely to see a renewal for "the Warner
Brothers film collection, 1940-1944"

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