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[dvd-discuss] Movie studios sue more software-makers

Not content with fighting 321 Studios -- or maybe hoping to tarnish 
321 by association, the movie studios have sued several makers of DVD 
copying software.  I haven't seen  any more info than this from 
Edupage and Reuters:

Major Hollywood movie studios this week filed two separate lawsuits
against makers of software that allows users to copy DVDs. A suit in
U.S. District Court in New York seeks to prevent Enterprises Inc.,
RDestiny LLC, HowtocopyDVDs.com, DVDBackupbuddy.com, and DVDSqueeze.com
from selling DVD-copying software. The other lawsuit, in federal court
in California, seeks a similar injunction against 321 Studios, maker of
DVD X Copy and DVD Copy Plus software. 321 Studios had filed a
preemptory suit last year, hoping to obtain a judge's decision that
its product does not violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(DMCA). The software makers argue that fair-use provisions of copyright
law allow users to make backup copies of DVDs they have legally
purchased. Movie studios dispute this. They say that circumventing the
copy protections of a DVD is illegal under the DMCA, regardless of any
fair-use rights.
Reuters, 15 May 2003
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