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Re: [dvd-discuss] Illegal tactics funded by Anti-piracy advocates

On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 09:09  AM, Arnold G. Reinhold wrote:
> It's entirely conceivable that record company sabotage could kill 
> someone. Say a nurse downloads music on a computer used to monitor 
> hospital patients, it freezes, and they miss a cardiac arrest.  The 
> people responsible for that sabotage software could be subject to the 
> death penalty under the the federal anti-hacking laws as recently 
> amended by the USA Patriot Act.
> Arnold Reinhold

A bit far fetched-- don't you think? Many of these viruses target file 
sharing networks. It would probably be a violation of the various 
privacy act statutes to install the necessary clients. It all seems a 
little bizarre to me-- as I'm not aware of any mp3 players that are 
designed to execute arbitrary code.

As for mediadefender, the're website consists of the following.

<FRAMESET rows="100%,*" border=0 frameborder=0 framespacing=0>
	<FRAME name=top src=""; noresize>

"MediaDefender is currently in stealth mode but can be contacted at:
      info@MediaDefender.com "

Ooh. Stealth mode. I'm impressed.