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[dvd-discuss] Judge Tosses Tech Copyright Law Challenge

This leaves me furious but speechless.  Another judge that rules corporate interests is more important that of the citizens'. 

<Sarcasm on>
The government is mandating the use of filtering software, but we don't have the right to know what is actually being block.  We need to trust that the corporations and the government have our best interests at heart.  They would never make a mistake or censor other material.  And don't be silly and bring up all the past cases where this has happened.  We've all changed for the better and it couldn't happen today.
<Sarcasm off>

This statement  from N2H2 seems eerily familiar (SDMI anyone):
"N2H2 claimed that providing such information to Edelman would compromise trade secrets, and that Edelman had no legal standing to be granted such permission because there was no imminent threat he would be sued (Emphasis added).
U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns agreed, writing in a ruling issued Wednesday that "there is no plausibly protected constitutional interest that Edelman can assert that outweighs N2H2's right to protect its copyrighted material from an invasive and destructive trespass." "