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Re: [dvd-discuss] EUCD in Norway

At 00.12 +0200 03-04-10, Lars Gaarden wrote:
>Mikael Pawlo wrote:
>> The most interesting part in my opinion:
>> "In the proposed Norweigan implementation anti-circumvention devices are
>> protected, with the ***important excemption of circumvention done in the
>> private sphere***."
>Well. Somewhat. But it does not matter much that circumvention for the
>purpose of private performance is exempted if the tools required to do
>so are illegal to distribute.

Still, I find it hard to see how the excemption can be done in accordance
with EUCD in the first place. Anyway, it is great that Norway is attempting
a balanced path, since the Swedish take on the subject is due in late May
and the Nordic countries have a long tradition of following each other in
intellectual property issues.

Please let me (and the list) know when the EFN analysis is posted on the
web site. I am sure a lot of people will be interested in it.




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