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Re: [dvd-discuss] SCC, Lexmark, and copyright versusreverse-engineering

2003年03月29日(土)の18時01分に microlenz@earthlink.net 曰く:
> On 29 Mar 2003 at 17:40, Seth Finkelstein wrote:
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> Subject:        	[dvd-discuss] SCC, Lexmark, and copyright versus reverse-engineering
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> >  In the court's decision, there doesn't seem to be much dispute
> > that in *theory*, other downloadable programs could be written that
> > performed the same operations as Lexmark's programs. The difficulty is
> > knowing the details of the program and operating environment, in the
> > first place.
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>  And if Lexmark has made RE so much more difficult, then they are entitled to 
> their competitive advantage. That's the capitalist system at work.
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in the capitalist system... wouldn't ink jet cartridges be a proper
commodity, produced by multiple vendors, nd the market would set the

wouldn't the government institute anti-trust action against a company
for stifling competition?
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