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Re: [dvd-discuss] DMCA exemption reply comments now available

Post it to slash dot

On 28 Feb 2003 at 21:59, Ken Arromdee wrote:

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Subject:        	Re: [dvd-discuss] DMCA exemption reply comments now available
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> Two things that struck me were:
> -- how few private individuals got a comment in (aside from the EFF's form
> comment).  Come on people, if you have the time to post on Slashdot, you have
> the time for a comment. -- how biased the procedure is by giving the replies the
> last word.  The companies get to make lots of false or misleading statements,
> and nobody can rebut them.  (Like Sony's about modchips--if that was in a first
> round comment I'd have pointed out that for the Saturn, where modding for region
> was easier than modding for piracy, the majority of the mods were for region.)
> I wonder if even the censorware exemption is going to go through this time.