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Re: [dvd-discuss] nytimes on publishing classics

Gee...do you think the equal protection clause is applicable under the law? Anyone publishing works in the public domain has just gotten themselves booted out of business for 20+ yrs.

Does anyone want to make the argument that one reason school books are becoming notriously scarce is that NONE of the classics written in the last 8 decades are available for reprint without royalties. One can almost see a time when the generations of the 20th century are reviled by future ones as culturless because so little of it will survive or be made available for archival and preservation.

Jeremy Erwin <jerwin@ponymail.com>
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02/10/2003 09:53 PM
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And yes, it is germane to this list, although devoid of legal cites.

 "The first thing you'd do in classics publishing was keep a list — a
rolling schedule of what was going into the public domain," [David][
Ebershoff [publishing director of The Modern Library] said. "That was
item No. 1. Now it's not only not item No. 1; it's not an item."