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Re: [dvd-discuss] Power play

Anybody remember "The Firm".  The protagonist is able to bring down a
mafia front based on demonstrating illegal billing practices in it's day
to day operation (and not it's mob connections). 

Perhaps deep corruption can be routed by the "death of one thousand
cuts".  If one can show a pattern of abuse, one can erode the power base
(moral, PR, political) of the content cartel can be shaken.

The 2003 copyright notice infringes on the copyrights of the public for
a full year.  Show that the biggest infringers are the content companies
themselves.  All we need do is quote to them their "infringement is
theft" mantra...

"Ballowe, Charles" wrote:
> Would a work claiming a copyright date of 2003 be considered false
> enough? (yes, they do technically have copyright now -- but it is
> a false start date) I bought one the other day and was surprised
> to see (c)2003 in it.
> ISBN: 047126802X
> -charlie
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> > Before I starting ranting (sorry) -- can anyone give me an
> > explicit ISBN
> > reference to a work with the faux copyright notice in it?  I know
> > someone who might have interest. Thanks.
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