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Re: [dvd-discuss] Specific ironies of the CTEA

Jeremy Erwin wrote:

> Hmm. I seem to recall a a Charles Sheffield novel which features a
> composer and his dead wife, who are frozen for (eventually) billions of
> years. Sheffield, like, Larry Niven, proposes a type of indentured
> servitude to pay off the cryogenic maintenance  debts.
> In the story, the composer's works have, of course, declined in
> commercial value-- the only reason that he is reanimated is that the
> cultural interest in the composer's period has been, to a certain
> extent, revived.

Then there is the OSC "Worthing Saga" in which the power elite regularly
cryo-sleep living only a few years per century.  The power elite live
off of numerous enduring assets,  long term interest bearing accounts
and investment, but Card didn't refer to copyrights as a possibility.