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Re: [dvd-discuss] Hacking requires search warrant -- ruling

It's almost as though the RIAA would become like a "Department of Art" 
or "Department of Copyright Enforcement."  I find it strange that there 
is not more resistance to their point of view in the courts, but I 
suspect that except for the EFF very few people are actively 
representing the opposing view.  The RIAA often seems to win these kinds 
of cases by "default."   Content creators may need some kind of 
representation in government but it should be an impartial 
representation, not a partisan representation.  Ultimately I don't think 
the RIAA helps artists as much as they do mechanical reproducers of 
music [and copyright owners] who often don't compensate the artist at all.

I'm glad this case was decided in favor of privacy, but the trend has 
been in the other direction.  I think it is strange that the RIAA would 
want to promote such proactive vigilante activities as hacking into 
computers.  It's almost like entrapment.

Richard Hartman wrote:
> Well, aside from that ... how can the RIAA negotiate
> the best deal for the government while at the same
> time negotiating the best deal for the artists they
> represent?  Cain't be done!