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Re: [dvd-discuss] Hacking requires search warrant -- ruling

On 16 Nov 2002 at 2:19, Tom wrote:

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> On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 02:11:54PM -0800, Michael A Rolenz wrote:
> > I liked the comment on "The hacker then played the role of a 
> > cybervigilante"...Rep. Berman's bill is of the same ilk. What the good 
> > Congressman doesn't seem to grasp is the notions on innocence until proven
> > guilty IN A COURT OF LAW and as such, the media content providers are acting
> > as cyybervigilantes and no act of congress can make it otherwise. Berman wants
> > to subvert the judicial system.
> Still fooled by the smoke and mirrors?
> Even the media mafia knows that they are treating on very thin ice
> there, and that even if they get a law passed in the US, they will get
> sued to hell and back in other countries if they actually go cracking
> machines.
> Not to mention that they're talking about what is a CRIME in most
> western jurisdictions. "conspiracy to commit a criminal offense"
> anyone? As soon as this leaves the FUD stage, RIAA is in the same
> league as MAFIA, and unless they are even more stupid than I believe
> them to be, they know it.

Stupid intellectually? No. They've been very good about spreading $$$ about and 
having JackBoots look his best in from of the committees. So stupid they are 
not. Hysterical. Yes. Foolish Yes. They think that they can get what they want 
everywhere by just having Congress pass a law. Afterall, remember that people 
are being tried in absentia in the state of California for transgressing 
California businesses.

But the question then is if they DO know that they are skating on thin ice, 
what is their REAL plan?

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