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Re: [dvd-discuss] A TPM without use limitations -- thoughts?

Joshua Stratton wrote:

> Actually, what this tells me is that I should go out and record some
> totally original songs that to the extent possible without running afoul
> of trademarks, have the same names as whatever it is those kids with their
> rock and roll listen to these days. Then get registered copyrights on
> them. Then make some mp3s of them.
> As soon as the RIAA downloads them, sue them for copyright infringement
> with the 17 USC 504 statutory damages.
> Remember -- merely copying the work would be infringement. Maybe a very
> unusual fair use, but still infringement.

Only if you don't put them on a public P2P node or website.  Even the
??AA would agree that if they leave a pile of CD's or DVD's on a street
corner with a sign "free to the public" that isn't piracy, theft, or

OT: Have you followed the Disney struggle for control of the Pooh
rights?  Hoist on their own CTEA petard.  Maybe at some point Disney
will come to it's senses and realize that a strong public domain is in
their self-interest.  They are the poster child for "value added
unauthorized derivatives" (imagine the Hugo heirs point of view on the
happy ending Disney added to "Hunchback").  What they fail to realize is
that they are in the best position (relative to many media companies) to
compete (a) against past works, even their own and (b) against other new
works.  A shorter copyright would probably improve their position
relative to their industry.  Ah well, nobody asked me to run Disney yet.