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Re: [dvd-discuss] A TPM without use limitations -- thoughts?

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:

> work. <exercise for the alert reader. That means that they must automate
> their search and begin doing massive downloads of stuff to check for
> watermarks. SO what we now have is a bunch of programs downloading stuff
> automatically and checking for copyright infringment...Hey this may be
> the biggest reason for MASSIVE broadband yet but I don't think the ISPs
> should pay for the extra bandwidth. If RIAA and MPAA want to fund this
> fine. Let them. I wouldn't mind

Actually, what this tells me is that I should go out and record some 
totally original songs that to the extent possible without running afoul 
of trademarks, have the same names as whatever it is those kids with their 
rock and roll listen to these days. Then get registered copyrights on 
them. Then make some mp3s of them.

As soon as the RIAA downloads them, sue them for copyright infringement 
with the 17 USC 504 statutory damages.

Remember -- merely copying the work would be infringement. Maybe a very 
unusual fair use, but still infringement.


> Maybe the P2Ps should adopt the old Borland License "use it like a book.
> You can't read two books at the same time in different places"

Space shifting isn't limited IIRC to non-simultaneous uses if otherwise 
legal. I strongly support not licensing software for ordinary use. Special 
uses -- pre-publication NDAs, GPL, site licenses -- I could live 
with. But the Softman ct. was right in that they're anachronistic.