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RE: [dvd-discuss] [OT] Money-where-your-mouth-is department

I knew there was a reason I put that thing in the trash can!

>From the start, I was skeptical of the devices' use.  I never connected
mine, and have thrown several away since [one that was a gift from a
next-door neighbor.  :)

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There was some question as to whether the people REing the :CueCat had
actually ACCEPTED the shrinkwrap, as it was on the software portion...

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Michael A Rolenz wrote:

>Let's consider another hypothetical...there once was this company that
>a great idea. They mailed out in Forbes magazine these scanners. They
>them away at RadioShafts. They mailed them to people who requested
>ANd then when people started to use them in ways they didn't like they
>mailed out a bunch of letters saying "you are violating our
>property. We didn't give you authorization to reverse engineer our
>product"...starts to sound a little too close for my comfort...

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