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Re: [dvd-discuss] [OT] Money-where-your-mouth-is department

microlenz@earthlink.net wrote:
> On 10 Oct 2002 at 22:36, Joshua Stratton wrote:
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> > Nevertheless, I don't care for the imposition on the first-sale rights of
> > the CD. It's great that noncommercial copying and sharing is permitted,
> > but you might like to resell the original CD sometime, even if you cannot
> > resell the copies from it.
> That's a good point. While the Shrink wrap license is an abominiation, going
> the other extreme and using one to allow copying but not sale of personal
> property is also an abomination. If shrinkwrap licenses are odeous then one
> tailored to be less odeous is still odeous.

No this just keeps the buyers of the book from being "con-men" and
selling that which is free.  I'd prefer the "reasonable media costs"
terms like the GPL, but the beauty of the license is that you can sell
the book, including the original CD (at your option), and yet keep a
copy of the original CD freely.