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[dvd-discuss] Eldred-Scalia Comment


Justice Antonin Scalia questioned why Congress needed to include existing 
works when it
decided to beef up copyright laws. If the idea of copyright law is to 
encourage artists to
produce new work, why should it also apply to works created 70 years ago, 
he asked.

"Why is it inequitable if they get what they're entitled to at the time 
they make the work?"
Scalia asked.

As Paul Ruiz pointed out at 


Justice Counting is not a science 

But these there are some interesting quotations forming.in some of the 
posting (see the link at www.eldred.cc)  If it is true that Jack Valenti 
smiled as he walked in, then he may not have been smiling as he walked 
out. Given the small number of quotation that's coming out of the reports, 
The court does not consider this a trivial question at all. I'd love to be 
a fly on the wall when they meet in conference on this one! I suspect that 
what may happened is a selective overturning of CTEA (e.g., no retroactive 
extension. no retroactive copyright.)