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[dvd-discuss] Eldred Being Argued Today

Eldred is being argues today (probably as I type). I hope that anyone 
there can send out their impressions and summary if they can....

BTW - at http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/10/09/scotus.copyrights.ap/

"AOL Time Warner said if the extension was struck down, it would threaten 
for some of its movies, including "Casablanca," "The Wizard of Oz" and 
"Gone With
the Wind." 

Songs that would come into the public domain are "Stardust," "Yes! We Have 
Bananas," and "Yes Sir! That's My Baby," the Songwriters Guild of America 
told the
court. "

I hope AOL-TW keep that whine going infront of the USSC. Maybe even Scalia 
will realize that it's not about the tantilizing law of "intellectual 
property" but it's about profits and control...as for the SGA...this is 
incredible! How often do these songs get played today? How many people 
know the tunes? I can say that I do only because the last two are one's 
that my parents still hum or sing because they learned them in their 
youth. But what an incredible Whine "OHHHHH alll this stuff will enter the 
public domain if you don't keep extending copyright and we can't have that 
even though some of you don't even know the tunes..."