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Re: [dvd-discuss] SonicBlue working on handheld PersonalVideoPlayer (PVP)

>This is also a perfect example of the counter-productivity of
>DRM/TPM's.  My first choice for content to "rip" would be DVD's. But
>like copy protection (ha!) CD's all the copy protection does is motivate
>the buyer to create a larger market for "circumvention devices" and
>"cracked" content 99 & 44/100% of which will not result in royalties to
>the copyright owner.

It's really quite good. Of course, JackBoots will argue that you are only 
licensed to play DVDs in LICENSED players in your OWN home without 
skipping the credits before or after the show. And if you want MPEGs of 
the movies then you have to wait until Hollywood gets around to putting 
them out with the right DRMs which SonicBlue will not be allowed to 
license and And that circumvention devices are illegal so the idea of a 
market is specious much less how Sonic Blue will Reverse engineer one?

But this is a good example of stimulating the market?and how they simply 
want Control?in thinking about it remember the maxim "Power corrupts and 
absolute power corrupts absolutely"? Copyright is nearly an absolute 
power. Now we have an industry that wants to extend that power ad 
infinitum, into areas where they are truly miniscule, dictating the 
direction of technology and infrastructure, extending control inside homes 
via licensed boxes and trustworthy computing. That's about as corrupt as 
you can get?.

>At one point I wrote how copy protected CD's turn paying customer into
>non-paying downloaders.  With the advent of SonicBlue's device (and many
>others to follow) DVD CSS and Macrovision will work in exactly the same
>The really funny part about this was that when I explained how copy
>protected CD's where counter productive to a Sr VP for IP at a MPAA
>member (we were presenting on the same panel) he said "those audio guys
>are really out to lunch" -- but he couldn't see how his situation was
>analogous.  (Ironically, the IP VP was a HUGE Napster user at the time,
>whereas I *never* used Napster -- not even once.)

HeHe?the fire calling the kettle black..What a total hypocrite! Power 

>Larry Blunk wrote:
>>    I noticed the following article in USAToday yesterday --
>>    It seems that SonicBlue plans to introduce a Personal Video
>> Player with a 4" LCD and 20 to 40 GB of diskspace.  The player
>> will support MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video.
>>    I have long wondered if someone would develop such a device as
>> it is the natural follow-on to personal MP3 players.  It is also
>> an example of a legitimate and useful application for DeCSS.
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