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Re: [dvd-discuss] DVD Editing

SOmehow I can't get to enthusiastic about it....the works are not in the public 
domain so they are still copyrighted. While Humphrey Bogart is dead, the actors 
and actresses in SpiderMan, as well as Cliff Robertson are not and they did not 
perform sexual intercourse before a camera. In California, I believe it is 
deformation of character to state that someone has in infectious disease or is 
unchaste (..blast it I couldn't find my copy of the California code...Jim T. is 
this so?). A digital morph of someone having sex, where they did not, would 
constitute deformation of character I think....and far worse than mere spoken 
or written language. In fact, in California punitive damages are awarded for 
fraud, oppression or malice. A digital morph would be fraud apriori and the 
only question would be if it was done with malice..certainly it would be done 
with extreme recklessness

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> Sorry if this has shown up before -- my mail's been going up and down 
> lately.
> Anyway, we all recall the practice of editing DVDs to remove objectionable
> content being mentioned here before.
> So it's kind of sad that we diddn't anticipate editing DVDs to add
> objectionable content. Assuming that these guys follow through, it might 
> actually hold up as a parody. Maybe.
> There's more on this here: 
> http://salon.com/people/satire/2002/09/20/filthy/index.html
> Who could possibly turn down this example:
> > In 'Casablanca,' sure, he can leave her on the tarmac. But if you want, 
> > you can follow them both onto the plane and watch them rock that sucker 
> > till the tires blow."