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[dvd-discuss] FW: New logo may appear on copy-protected CDs

Slightly OT for DVD's, but I like the monicer "Copy control discs are a
response ..."

Copy Control Disc or just "Control Disc".
"All your disc are belong to us..."

David Kroll

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Boy, talk about an obscure looking logo.  Why not use a padlock logo which
gives people some clue what the logo means?  A few words might be nice also.
Also why is this logo optional?
Music companies also have to drop the official Philips/Sony CD logo since
copy-protected CDs violate the CD spec.  Some but not all copy-protected CDs
have already dropped the official CD logo.


IFPI announces new optional copy control symbol for CDs
September 17, 2002

IFPI today announced the introduction of a new, optional logo that record
companies may use to inform consumers that a CD incorporates technology to
control copying.
The logo is available for use by record companies internationally, and is
being announced in consultation with IFPI's national associations in 46
countries, and with music retailers worldwide. It could feature either on
the artwork of the CD or as a sticker, and may be accompanied by additional
information about the technology being used.
Copy control discs are a response to the sharp increase in piracy, multiple
copying and illegal internet distribution of recorded music. They aim to
help protect artists, songwriters, record companies, retailers and everyone
else involved in making and distributing music on CD.
Jay Berman, IFPI Chairman and CEO said: "Copy protection is a logical
response by the music industry to protect its product from mass copying and
digital piracy. The new, optional logo will be of practical help to record
companies and retailers in informing consumers that a CD carries some form
of copy control."
Lucy Cronin, Director of the Global Entertainment Retail Association (GERA)
Europe said: "GERA-Europe welcomes the IFPI logo which should serve as a
tool to reduce both retailer and consumer confusion with respect to copy
protected CDs. Obviously, the individual and collective use of the logo in
the marketplace by content owners is necessary for the success of this
voluntary logo which, if implemented across the board, should provide the
end-customer with enough information to know what they can and cannot do
with the music they are purchasing. Properly informing the customer should
always be a goal of the entertainment industry."
The logo complements labelling guidelines that were issued by IFPI earlier
this year, after the organisation's Main Board, comprising record company
heads, recommended that copy controlled CDs should be clearly labelled.
IFPI represents the international recording industry with more than 1,500
record company members in over 75 countries and has affiliated national
associations in 46 countries.
GERA Europe represents the national trade associations in the UK, France,
Germany and the Netherlands, and represents 20% of the global entertainment
retail market.
Pictured: the logo in its original and reversed form
For further information please contact: Adrian Strain or Fiona Harley at 
IFPI on +44 (0)20 7878 7900 or Lucy Cronin, director of GERA Europe on +32 
2 401 87 68

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