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Re: [dvd-discuss] The Truth (TM) Was:Geeks in government

Tom wrote:

>On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 10:00:55AM -0400, mickey wrote:
>>It matters because Eric Corley cannot speak the truth from his website, 
>>nor can he refer you to someone who knows the truth.
>Once again, I am still speaking about a larger picture, not individual
>pieces. Yes, Eric was fucked over and he cannot speak the truth.
>However, that is his loss, not the loss of the truth which can (and is)
>still being spoken in lots of other places. More actually than it was
>before they fucked with him.

I do think you are right, with respect to the suppression of the truth 
itself. Right after Kaplan's ruling, I recorded the results of several 
searches for "decss.zip", so that we could go back later to see if there 
was an impact from the ruling.  It's much easier to find today.

Still, the issue that I have with the case has little to do with reading 
a complicated file format. A publisher of speech has been prohibited 
from disclosing a literary work. Text has been defined as a device. 
 Words have been given the liability of actions.

The First Amendment has been gutted. I'm pretty concerned about that.