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RE: [dvd-discuss] Copyright ranges

In article <E06ADA0073926048AD304115DD8AB6BC01239730@mail.onetouch.com>,
Richard Hartman <URL:mailto:hartman@onetouch.com> wrote:
> Although the output of their engine can not be 
> copyright (by my criteria), it _does_ represent
> the work of their tool.  It is not the output
> per se that (I believe) they have the right to
> control ... but the use of their tool (if you
> can follow that distinction).

So when they say you can not make more than 1 local copy of their page
etc., your opinion is that they don't have the right to demand that?

> It is work that
> was performed using _their_ resources and any
> use made of the result that did not conform to
> their requirements would be a "theft of services"
> IMO.

If I save an AltaVista page, and then make copy of it, I have violated
their rules. Is that "theft of services"? I don't need to go anywhere near
their services to make that second copy (or, for that matter, to do a lot
of the other things they try to forbid).

I agree that they have the right to restrict any actual use of their
machines, including automated queries etc., as long as you are actually
using their resources to do it. But apart from that, any use of the
information you have received should be restricted by the law, and not
their (much stricter) rules.

> [snip]
> > "You may make a single copy of the individual screens you see 
> > when you use
> > the Services, but only for your personal use. You cannot distribute or
> > transfer the copies to others in exchange for money or other 
> > consideration.
> > You may not - and agree not to - modify, reformat, copy, display,
> > distribute, transmit, publish, license, create derivative  works from,
> > transfer or sell any information, products or services 
> > obtained from the 
> > Services, except as set forth below. This means that you may 
> > not mirror the
> > home page or results pages of the Site or any AltaVista Site 
> > on your own Web
> > site or Web page."


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