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RE: [dvd-discuss] [Off-topic] Eldred v. Ashcroft.

I wonder if you could make the case for any of the works that were first
*published* just after the current public domain boundary that the work was in
fact *created* before the boundary, so that the work is in fact public domain.

--- Dean Sanchez <DSanchez@fcci-group.com> wrote:
> I think one of the most specious arguments he makes is the one that Congress
> has "dramatically increased the scope of the public domain" by limiting the
> copyright of non-published works to life+70.  What a croak!  If it wasn't
> published, who cares if the copyright was unlimited.  The public never got to
> see or benefit from its existence anyway.  Once it was published, it fell
> under the copyright guidelines and would eventually became part of the public
> domain.

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