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Re: [dvd-discuss] Copyright ranges

Wendy Seltzer wrote:
> Almost -- a notice of copyright (no longer required under U.S. law but 
> still helpful against an assertion of innocent infringement) should 
> include the circled c or "Copyright", the author's name, and the date of 
> first publication.  If a second edition includes new material, the later 
> publication date applies only to the new material, so a notice might 
> include both dates.
> For works of individual authorship, however, the publication dates don't 
> matter much, because the copyright term extends 70 years from the 
> author's death (unless the Eldred suit is successful in pushing that 
> back to life + 50, to be argued this October in the Supreme Court).   
> Works for hire run 95 years from first publication.  I'm sure we're all 
> holding our breaths for the Windows 95 source code in 2090...
> --Wendy

Unfortunately, we still won't have access to Windows 95 source code in 
2090 because there is no requirement for MS to release the source (as 
opposed to the executable).

Not to mention the anti-source code bill to be passed by Sen. Eisner in 
2004 which, for national security reasons of course, prohibits access to 
all source code except for properly licensed and government monitored