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Re: [dvd-discuss] Movie Downloads, automatically illegal?

On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 12:13:34AM +0200, Lars Gaarden wrote:
> I think the sentral issue was that mp3.com thought they had a right to
> distribute copies of music to people who owned CDs containing the same
> music. i.e., that the fair use rights you have when you own a CD could
> be transferred to mp3.com. When they discovered that they did not have
> this right, they tried reaching licensing deals with the major studios
> but failed.
> Alas, my googling skills seems to be failing. Does anyone have a link
> to the my.mp3.com ruling?

Hm, actually, that give me an idea:

video rental stores in germany work (AFAIK, IANAL) by setting up a
club, i.e. a legal entity, that owns the tapes. to rent stuff from the
store, you must become a member, and therefore co-owner of the tapes,
and that is what makes it legal for you to take them home and for the
store to distribute them, because legally speaking there is no
distribution and no renting.

why not set up something like that? we create a world-wide legal body
and the membership fee is that all your CDs become property of that
body. in return, you become co-owner of everything the body owns.
therefore, it should be legal to send .mp3 files from member A to
member B because they both own the copy of the work in question.

Lawyers on this list, take it apart. :)

If you can't, we should set this body up, just to piss off the RIAA.

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