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[dvd-discuss] DoS attack on RIAA webstie

A question on this.  And please let me know if it was posted before.  Sorry 
if this was asked before or seems redundant.
I personally agree what the kid did was illegal and should receive what he 
got.  But something about the way it was done bothers me.
Did he mention about how he got the scrolling message about downloading is 
illegal?  To do it after a download and then get the message could indicate 
a few things.  One possibility is the site he went to was a site designed 
to mislead and then post the message.  Another possibility was it was 
detected (by another site), then the files he download were corrupted and 
another site sent the message.  Another possibility is the operating or 
application detected it and sent the message.
The kid might of not mentioned it but if there are any details please let 
me know.
Thank you

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> >  I had a kid (12 or so) come into the store the other day. He
> > was pissed off because he tried to download a new movie from
> > the net. After 2 days of downloading all he got was a
> > scrolling message that it was illegal to download this movie
> > . He knew it was illegal, but he was pissed that they wasted
> > his time. He dosen't know who the MPAA is but he already hates them.
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> > Ronald
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