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Re: [dvd-discuss] You can go swimming, but....

And may public domain works suddenly become private again in the 
mid-90s... See Golan v Ashcroft at openlaw.org. Don't worry, if Disney 
forgot to pay taxes on Mickey MOuse, they'll just bribe congress (starting 
with Hollings) to introduce a bill restoring their copyright....Until the 
courts straighten out the mess that congress has created (if they do), the 
only question is if a sensible copyright system can be restored or if it 
dies as Macauley predicted the type of system that has been created should 

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May I suggest that if copyright never died in a few years we would all be 
unable to speak or write anything because someone would own the rights to 
Public Domain exists for that very reason and if you look at US law 
and apply it to a movies or 1000 movies. Most have lost the right of legal 

action for failure to comply with US code 323 I think it is....... I will 
some legal homework and quote it........ But if the original holder has no 

rights anymore so it must follow that neither do any of the licence 
holders......... So where a movie company uses sale and lease back to 
tax in the USA then he has failed to comply and has lost his copyright?