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Re: [dvd-discuss] Security Systems Standards Certification Act [SSSCA]

Those would be worthy additions....but remember the intel testimony? COnsider 
too that RealNetworks, AOL and Yahoo are are in the situation that they have 
customers who want content that they can't provide. THey have customers who 
want stuff to work with that they can't (e.g. Mickey Mouse).It could get 
interesting...or not... But I'd have to agree about watching it...IT might be 
interesting to read a transcript later

After reading the SS-sca hearing transcript, I think HOllings and McCain were 
really surprised to hear some opposition that stated that they spend more in 
research each year than the Studios rake in as revenues. 

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> On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Tuyet A. N. Tran wrote:
> > In case anyone is interested, I understand that MSNBC
> > Silicon Summit III broadcast on 3/17/02 will include a
> > discussion on SSSCA. A preview of panelists:
> Wow, talk about a balanced and diverse panel.
> Can I nominate my additions for the list?
>  David Touretsky -- Computer science professor
>  Eric Corley -- Magazing publisher
>  Eric Eldred -- librarian
>  Dan Wallach and/or David Wagner and/or ??? -- Computer science professors
>     and security experts.
>  And one or more representatives from EFF
> Anyone got a URL or think they'd give a damn if I were to send this email
> to them? If the panel were a bit more diverse, I'd be sure to
> watch/monitor it. But this.. This is a farce.
> Scott
> > Craig Barrett, Chief Executive Officer Intel Corp.
> > Rick Belluzzo, President and CEO Microsoft Corp.
> > Jeffrey Bezos, Founder and CEO Amazon.com
> > Rob Glaser, Chairman and CEO RealNetworks*
> > Barry Schuler, Chairman and CEO America Online
> > Terry Semel, Chairman and CEO Yahoo!
> > Howard Stringer, Chairman and CEO Sony Corp. of America
> > Ted Waitt, Chairman and CEO